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The words of Wilson Combat…

Firearm Order / Build / Shipment Process

“We appreciate your interest in Wilson Combat Custom Built Firearms. We believe that we build the finest custom handguns, rifles, and shotguns in the country. We are confident that after you have tried out one of our firearms, you will agree.

As a true custom firearms builder, we do not build our guns to stock on our shelves for sale to retail customers and dealers. Every custom firearm that we build is purpose built and based on a specific order from either a retail customer or one of our many fine dealers. As a result of doing business this way, we have found that what we believe promotes the most efficient and effective way to work with our customers from the initial order through the build process, ending with the shipment of the firearm to the customer.

We do not build thousands of guns each month. Our skilled gunsmiths take the time necessary to hand fit all the parts and ensure the best fit, function, and finish available. As a result, our monthly production is not large. Each custom gun that comes out of our shop proudly carries the Wilson name and the legendary customer service to support that firearm from then on. Whether you are the initial buyer or the 10th owner of that firearm, we stand behind it with a 100% lifetime satisfaction pledge.

In order for our valued customers to better understand our order/build/ship process, we felt it would be a good idea to reduce it to writing. Please understand, we are not a large national corporation, and as such, our policies and procedures change from time to time when we determine there is a better way to handle the task. We do not change our policies often, but we will when necessary to better run our company and serve our customers.

The entire process is broken down into three phases:

Order Phase

This is the time when the customer places the order with Wilson Combat. At this time, a member of our sales staff will work with the person placing the order to ensure that the custom firearm is built to their exact specifications. It is recommended that the customer get a copy of the order at this time for their records. Since build times are usually one year or longer, it is helpful if the customer wants to refer back to the order to refresh their memory of exactly what they ordered or to see if there is a special treatment that they have decided they would like to add to that order. If that is the case, the customer can contact Wilson Combat to ensure that they are still able to make changes to the specifications for the build.

Once the customer and sales person have finalized the build specifications, the customer (retail) will place a deposit to get the order placed into the backorder queue. After the order has been placed into the backorder queue, it becomes a waiting game. While it may not take a year to build your Wilson Combat custom gun, the real wait time is based on the number and type (model) of orders in front of yours. We operate on a First In, First Out basis (to the extent possible) in an effort to be fair to all customers. This means your wait time will vary; it may take only a handful of months, or it could even be several years before we are ready to begin the build. It all depends on what model you order and the number of those same models already in the backorder queue in front of your order. Please be patient, you will not regret it! Once we are ready to begin the build of your firearm, the next phase begins.

Build Phase

When we are ready to build your custom firearm, we begin this phase with a call to you to let you know we are ready to build your order and to confirm that you would still like it built to your initial specifications. If you have decided on any specification changes prior to that call, this is the time you will want to relay that information to the sales staff, so they can make those changes into your order. PLEASE NOTE: Once that build is approved and goes to the gunsmiths, we can no longer make any changes to the order.

For our dealer customers, it is very important that you only approve the orders that you want built and are willing to take delivery of. If you approve the build of this order, then you have agreed to take delivery upon completion, and you assume the responsibility to pay for it when it is delivered. If you are not sure you will need the firearm, please advise the sales staff that you do not want that gun built at this time. If you might want it later, we can convert that order to a quote, and you can call back at a later time to have us change it back into an order.

Upon customer approval of the build, the warehouse will gather all of the parts needed for the build and place them into a plastic tub with the customer name, order number, and model written on it. This is what we call “kitting” the gun.

Therefore, when we call the customer for the build approval, we call it a “kit call”. Once the firearm has been kitted, it then goes to the gunsmith shop where the finest gunsmiths in the country will turn those parts into a world-class firearm. We cannot stress enough how proud we are of our gunsmiths. The quality of the work they do and their dedication to each and every build is the foundation of what our founder, Bill Wilson, based this company on, and the same foundation that Ryan Wilson demands we work from today.

Our build times vary significantly, based on several factors such as unique machining operations in the order, unique finishes applied to the gun, and even things like hand engraving. The simpler the order is, the shorter the build time, usually. If the order includes additional machine work, hand engraving, or exotic finishes (like color case hardening), that will extend the build time out many more months, and in some rare cases, more than a year. While we would love to build all guns ordered within a few months, and get paid for our efforts, we remain true to our founding principles and care more about making each gun the highest quality, most dependable on the market. For that, we are willing to extend our build times. Our customers deserve nothing less.

Given the varying build times, the customer might get their gun in several months, or it might take much longer. We estimate the current build times on handguns to be 6-8 months, unless it is a SuperGrade pistol, which can have a build time of 12 months. Normally, Supergrade’s have a waiting list of 12-18 months before the pistol is Kitted and another 12-16 months to be built through Wilson Combat Direct or any other Wilson Combat Dealer.

We are the Largest Supergrade Elite Dealer in the country and enjoy the capability to Kit a full custom designed Supergrade within 24 hours of order. Skip the multi year wait! Custom Supergrade 1911’s are what we specialize in having built for our clients! Our build times are running approximately 6-8 months from order to delivery. There is no other Wilson Combat Dealer even close to our capabilities with Supergrade models.

Once the gun has been built, we are ready for the third and final phase of the process.

Ship Phase

This is the part everyone anxiously awaits: delivery of your new, world-class Wilson Combat Custom Firearm! Once the firearm is delivered from the gunsmith shop, the sales staff will contact you to let you know that the order is ready to be shipped.

If the order is a retail order, we will collect the remaining balance due and ensure that the firearm is being shipped to an active federal firearms license (FFL) for the required transfer to the end buyer. It is the responsibility of the retail customer to provide us with the FFL they wish us to ship the order to, and it is also their responsibility to contact that FFL prior to us shipping the firearm to them to make sure they agree to be the transfer agent. If the FFL has not been contacted previously and does not know this is coming to them for a transfer, they may just refuse to accept the shipment, and then it will be shipped back to us. If that happens, then the retail customer will be required to cover those shipping charges as well as the final shipping charges to an FFL that will accept the transfer.

If the order was placed by one of our Dealers, we will contact them to let them know we are ready to ship that firearm to them. If they are on terms, they will know the package is headed their way and when the final payment will be required. If the order is on C.O.D., the sales staff will inform the Dealer what the order total will be so they will know the amount of money they will need to have ready on the day of delivery. Please remember, we charge a 3% fee for any firearms ordered by Dealers that are paid for with a credit card.

The final part of this phase is the unveiling of your new Wilson Combat Custom Firearm! Give your purchase a good looking over; feel the fit and finish of the final product. Take it out and run some rounds through it. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If for some reason you are not, we want to hear about it immediately. We will do everything within our power to resolve the issue and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.”

EXPERTS RECOMMENDING WILSON COMBAT: Michael Seeklander, Larry Vickers, Ken Hackathorn, Rob Leatham, , Rob Haught, Hilton Yam, Frank Proctor and Bill Rogers.

The words of Les Baer…

“Our custom firearms continued to be the hottest 1911s and ARs on the planet. As in the past, demand was extremely high for our precision built rifles and pistols. That should honestly be no surprise to anybody who really knows quality firearms, because the smoking hot performance and the unquestioned reliability of every one of our custom crafted guns has made them a legend in the industry and in the shooting community. So after almost three decades, we're still the leaders of the pack and the first choice of firearms professionals and discriminating collectors because we continue to emphasize superior quality, unmatched performance and inspired innovation.”

Should 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC. not have the Les Baer pistol or rifle you want in stock please note that we can order any 1911 or rifle that Les Baer products and have your order built to your specifications. Typically, the build time to commission a 1911 pistol from start to finish is 8-13 months with 50% Deposit to start the build and the remaining 50% due at delivery. Call or email us for ordering assistance.

P.S. Mr. Baer does not provide a lot of words for publication - the guns speak for themselves as truly fine, custom masterpieces!

The words of Ed Brown Products…

“Our Manufacturing Philosophy
Ed Brown firearms are engineered, machined, and handcrafted for performance under the direct supervision of the Brown family. We strive to make the very best high grade, high performance firearms, at a reasonable price and delivery, using our own innovative designs, superior components, and old fashion hand craftsmanship. All backed by a lifetime written warranty and excellent customer service. We are constantly improving our product and raising the bar for custom 1911 performance and craftsmanship.

Our firearm manufacturing philosophy rests on 3 pillars, upon which we have built our 40 years of success.

Engineered for performance
The Brown family is well-known for their innovation and excellence in engineering designs of superior performance, with a track record spanning over 40 years. We broke all the rules, and originally conceived and CAD/CAM designed each model to be a complete custom firearm. The 1911 design is simply brilliant, and has a track record spanning over 100 years. We have added a lifetime of modern machining and shooting competition experience to this brilliant, time tested design. Every part has been redesigned, enhanced, or more closely toleranced for one thing: Performance. Only the finest materials are called for to meet our engineering specifications. In most cases this means forgings, or pre-heat treated steel for precision machining.

If you will depend on your firearm as a serious tool, you don't have the luxury of experimentation. You need to know that your firearm has been proven in the field with a strong track record. Ed Brown handguns have been extensively tested under a wide variety of conditions to ensure performance. Our handguns are used in competition, carry, on the range, and for home protection by thousands of people, many of them law enforcement professionals and industry experts.

Precision machined in America
We've invested over 10 million dollars in state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing technology specifically for the firearms industry. This is what it takes to truly make your own components in-house. Housed inside our 20,000+ square foot facility, you will find the latest in 5 axis machining centers, Swiss type turning machines, precision broaching, surface grinders, fine polishing equipment, fiber lasers, and coordinate measuring machines. It is this investment of resources that has made us one of the leaders in the field, and will keep us at the leading edge in the future. While competitors either outsource to the cheapest bidder, or buy generic mass market components that are readily available (many of them foreign made), the Brown family refuses to compromise their quality and control. All of the main components in our firearms are manufactured in-house on CNC machinery by Ed Brown Products, under direct supervision of the Brown family. This means that we have virtually complete control over the quality and delivery of the final product.

Hand-crafted to perfection
The Brown family has built a stellar reputation for the highest degree of quality firearm craftsmanship. The philosophy of most makers is "good enough", or even interchangeable parts, assembled quickly with cheap labor and little to no hand finishing. Ed Brown firearms are different, and it shows, in all the details. We go that extra mile by putting more hand fitting and finishing into our firearms than any other manufacturer, resulting in some of the most attractive firearms available anywhere at any price. In addition to all the high tech inspection methods and equipment we use, every firearm is carefully hand fitted, hand finished, and hand inspected by one of the Brown's before it leaves our facility. Others say they've got it, but all you have to do is compare.”