From Michael Seeklander...

“1911 Custom Solutions is family owned and a Texas-based Wilson Combat Master Dealer. I have known Adam, the owner, personally for a few years and this company has one of the most extensive collections of Wilson Combat guns in stock and readily available for sale. Most of you know I recently joined Team Wilson Combat in 2015 - why? Because Bill Wilson’s reputation for quality and craftsmanship is unparalleled. You may purchase firearms directly from Wilson Combat (waiting times currently are one to three years for a custom built pistol), or you can make an appointment with Adam and he will help you design the custom gun of your choice and order it for you. Most likely, Adam will have a custom model in inventory that you will be interested in! 1911 Custom Solutions also offers 500rd. break in and cleaning services, firearms instruction and firearms storage. This is not a run of the mill gun shop - everything they sell is full custom and you have their full attention. Clients are seen by appointment at their Showroom in Houston! You will get all the attention you would expect from a trained and qualified professional. I am a member of Team Wilson, and I highly recommend 1911 Custom Solutions to anyone who is looking for the best built 1911’s money can buy, with the best customer service to boot! If you are looking for an ultra high-end Texas-based 1911 dealer this is it! Even better the service is impeccable.” Michael Seeklander

About Michael Seeklander: Currently Mike Seeklander is the owner of Shooting-Performance LLC (, a full-service training company. Mike is also the co-host of The Best Defense, the Outdoor channels leading firearm instructional show as well as Rapid Fire, a fun and exciting fast-paced show covering a spectrum of fully automatic machine guns.

Previously, Mike was Chief Operating Officer, Director of Training and a Senior Instructor at the U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Ok. He was directly responsible for the development of all U.S.S.A. training programs.

Prior to that as an employee of the Federal Government, Mike has served as the Branch Chief and Lead Instructor for the Firearms division with the Federal Air Marshal Service as well as a Senior Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).

He has extensive formal training and experience in all phases of military and law enforcement training. Mike is a highly sought after tactical and competitive trainer and a high-level performer on the competition handgun circuit. Currently a nationally ranked competitor on the practical handgun competition circuit, Seeklander has authored/produced instructional books; DVD’s and has developed hundreds of lesson plans specifically related to basic and advanced firearms training.

As a local law enforcement officer with the Know County Sherriff’s Department as well as the Knoxville Police Department Mike worked in corrections as well as patrol and with the Organized Crime division.

Mike is the recipient of numerous awards and honors in the law enforcement community, and as a semi- professional shooter.

Shooting accomplishments are as follows:
2013 and 2014 IPDA BUG (Back up Gun) National Champion

2011 Steel Challenge World Champion (production division).

2007 European Championships (2nd overall)

USPSA National Championships (top 5 overall numerous times)

Area Championship wins: Area 7, Area 4, Area 1 (USPSA)

State Championship wins (multiple times in some states): Oklahoma (USPSA and IDPA), Badlands Regional (IDPA), Tennessee (USPSA), Arkansas (IDPA and USPSA), South Carolina (USPSA), Georgia (USPSA), Texas Limited (USPSA), New Jersey (USPSA)

Having competed in the shooting sports nationally, Mike adds to this experience with more than 15 years of experience in various martial arts holding multiple ranks including a Black Belt in Okinawan Freestyle Karate.