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Ed Brown Custom 1911 Pistols

We have an extensive selection of Ed Brown 1911 pistols for sale here in our online store with several models to choose from. These pistols are assembled by our own gunsmiths and are inspected to ensure a perfect build. Ed Brown custom 1911 pistols are the gold standard for handgun enthusiasts and a top choice for professional target shooters everywhere. We have chosen the most reliable and popular configurations of various Ed Brown 1911s to ensure you receive the finest 1911 possible.

These pistols are used by high-end professionals who demand the best from their firearms. They are fine collectors pieces that can be passed down as family heirloom or given as a highly valued gift. The Ed Brown 1911 45 handguns are known for their timeless quality and smooth firing. Buy yours from our online store or make an appointment to visit our showroom today.

All of our custom 1911 pistols ship with a free kit of Weapon Shield which includes a 4oz. Solvent Bottle, 4oz. CLP bottle and a custom designed Oiler Pen pre-filled with CLP for precision application.