Tom D. February 2023

I have been lookin at adding another Wilson Combat to my lineup for over a year. I have 5 Wilson’s and I love each of them. They are just superbly built. I have been reading about the Supergrade model for a long time and it has been a goal of mine to have one of these built for me. After doing some research and asking a few Supergrade owners their pistols, ALL mentioned that I should talk with 1911 Custom Solutions & the Owner, Adam Fendrich. How could I not have seen know that there is a company in Texas that is known for having full custom Supergrade pistols built by Wilson for his clients. As most know, these are not standard model Supergrade pistols that you would see done by Wilson Combat. The reputation his company has is well deserved. He delivers exactly what he says he will. People who are in the know understand that this is the place to go for this type of hardware.

I was amazed after a brief phone call to Adam. He answered the phone and could not have been more friendly, willing to help, or more knowledgeable. He knows the process and more importantly knew what questions to ask so he could have my Supergrade built exactly as I want. I won’t forget his statement to me….”Tom, for this kind of money you shouldn’t be compromising on anything that you want on your pistol”. I will make sure that is is built exactly the way you want it and have it set up so it works best for your intended use. I had never even heard something like that from a custom shop or shop of any kind. He didn’t try to sell me anything. He promised exactly what I wanted and then delivered it from commissioning in only 8 months!! I saved over a year by working with Adam/1911 Custom Solutions and have no doubt I have a much nicer Supergrade.

Adam - I cannot thank you enough. Not only was my experience phenomenal…but I learned a vast amount of information about my Supegrade, how it was built, it’s pedigree…it is truly a one of a kind pistol and it’s mine! The level of detail put into the specifications was like nothing any of my previous Wilson’s had. I was astounded at the level of detail Adam put into my build and with such ease….nothing unnecessary and everything that would help me use it as a tool. The best firearm purchase experience I have ever experience. A very unique and personal experience that has to be seen to be believed.

I whole heartedly recommend Adam Fendrich / 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC.

If you want a full custom pistol / Supergrade just go see Adam. He specializes in Supegrade’s and it is easy to see why 1911 Custom Solutions is Wilson’s Largest Supergrade Dealer in the world. You won’t regret it. Tell him Tom D. sent you.
Kudos Adam. I’ll be back for another someone soon!

Miles B. - November 2022
I have been looking for another 1911 to add to my collection for almost a year. I came across 1911 Custom Solutions LLC after a friend of mine bought a pistol from 1911CS and said it was the greatest experience he has ever had when buying any firearm. My initial call to 1911 Custom Solutions was to inquire about the possibility of commissioning a Tactical Supergrade. I had heard and seen many of the Supergrade pistols that Adamq Fendrich (the Owner) has had built for clients. I expected it to take somewhere between 15-18 months based on Wilson Combat’s customer service rep who quoted 18 months.
Adam asked me numerous questions about what I wanted to use the pistol for, my style of shooting, grip, sight preference etc. His attention to detail is just incredible. He helped my spec out my Tactical Supergrade with upgrades I did not even know about. Almost unbelievably, Adam told me that he could have my Supergrade kitted within 24 hours and delivered in only 6 months. Sure enough, I got the call from Adam that my pistol was ready in just under 6 months from the day it was commissioned. Simply amazing. This company is run by a man who really cares about making sure I got exactly what I wanted and in a much faster timeframe than anywhere else. The level of customer service and knowledge that Adam has with custom 1911’s is simply amazing. There is not a single part of the Supergrade that he doesn’t know inside and out. His enthusiasm is contagious. It is easy to understand why this small company is Wilson Combat’s largest Supergrade Elite Dealer in the world.
I give 1911 Custom Solutions / Adam Fendrich the highest marks! His company is one of a kind! If you are looking for a custom 1911 this place is the first place you should call or go visit. Best gun buying experience I have ever had.
Thanks so much Adam. I’ll be back again!!
**Nice touch adding extra magazines to the 6 my pistol came with**

Eric S. - July 2022
Just a quick note to say how happy I am with the pistol and the process to obtain it. I don't typically make purchases of this size on-line sight unseen, but after talking with you on the phone I felt completely comfortable. The pistol arrived on schedule, and I picked it up from my local dealer on Friday. I immediately took it home and put 48 rounds down range. It was sublime. Perfectly weighted, perfect trigger and of course beautiful. I'm a fan of well made, engineered classics -- the reason I own both my Porsche 911 and my Rolex Submariner. The Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade is within that class, and I feel very fortunate to own it. Thank you for your advice and your assistance in obtaining this special one of a kind pistol.

Marc M. - April 2022
I own several custom 1911’s from Wilson Combat, NHC, Cabot and the like. I happened across Adam/1911 Custom Solutions, LLC by chance. Our local police chief who I am friends with learned in a casual conversation that I was in the market for a couple very customized 1911’s and suggested that I speak with Adam Fendrich, Owner of 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC. Long story short… decision of my gun buying/shooting sports career. From the very first call I could instantly tell that Adam was very inquisitive about what I wanted to use the pistols for, my personal style and what I wanted. This was a massive change for me as previously I had only bought in stock guns from with Wilson or through Wilson Combat direct or another Dealer. Well, there is a reason that Adam/1911 Custom Solutions is Wilson’s #3 Global Elite Dealer. He knows these pistols inside and out and will do whatever it take to explain all of myriad of options available and what might be best for me so that I understood each small detail. I had doubts about everyone on the “gun internet” speaking just so highly of the man. However, he truly cared about what I wanted and my intended use. I even drove down to Houston, TX so that could meet him in person. Let’s just say I was beyond impressed. A super nice private office that has everything needed to compare different models. He even fitted me for a pistol and Sights! No retail store does that. After a few hours, I ended up with an Experior with Trijicon SRO and my new favorite, a Tactical Supergrade Commander. This man does exactly what he says he will do. I highly recommend 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC/Adam Fendrich as your go to Elite Dealer. He cut my wait time by 45% compared to anyone else and his knowledge of Wilson 1911’s is extraordinary. He gave it to me straight and I couldn’t be happier. This company is an absolute must see or talk to if you want a Wilson Combat - I’m a customer for life. Thanks for all the help and assistance Adam / 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC!!

David Radcliffe - November 2021
I followed Adam and 1911 Custom Solutions posts for some time online and saw the interesting custom Wilson's that Adam had built for sale. They certainly weren't the stock guns that you normally see and one day I saw an Experior Commander Doublestack which had been built with options I had never seen before. Communications with Adam were easy and within a few days, the pistol was at my dealer. Shortly thereafter, I found that this 9mm pistol is my best shooting handgun and my new IDPA gun. I highly recommend Adam and would certainly do business with him again. Thanks again for everything Adam!!

Eric Stevens - October 2021
I am not a big one for writing recommendations as everyone sells guns, big deal, Blah Blah Blah. BUT, this time I am actually taking the time because Adam was above and beyond professional & Courteous and an absolute pleasure to work with. I buy around 20 guns per year and my biggest phobia is spending money on a gun and then receiving it damaged because the high school kid packing it was busy texting on his phone. Adam has an unparalleled knowledge of custom Supergrade’s.

Adam packed this Supergrade Wilson Combat like it was being sent to his favorite Uncle and when I tell you I have NEVER received a gun this well packed in my life, bar none!!
If you're seeking a dealer to hang your hat with and work with long term then your search is over my friend because Adam is your guy. He listens to your concerns and remembers them and acts upon them. I will be buying more from him in the future for sure.
Adam, thank you for a wonderful experience and I look forward to my next purchase.
Take care
Eric Stevens

David H. - April 2021

I’m not big on writing reviews, but Adam Fendrich & 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC have earned not only highest marks from me, but also my loyalty as a customer. I’ve purchased over a dozen custom WC pistols and rifles from Adam (so far), and can attest to his excellence in customer service. His knowledge and accessibility—even taking my calls late “after-hours”—ensured that the ordering process was easy every time, and each gun was built exactly to my specifications. The quality and craftsmanship of Wilson Combat matched with Adam’s professionalism, expertise, and integrity makes 1911 Custom Solutions my go-to gun shop. This outfit is nothing less than top-notch.

Mark E.- January 2021

I had been searching for a new Wilson Combat 1911 to add to my growing collection of pistols for over half a year. As luck would have it, I was searching several websites and forums and came across several mentions of 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC and the Owner, Adam Fendrich. Some quick validation and it almost seemed to good to be true. This company exists to have custom 1911’s built for their clients. So, I called Adam (at 11PM EST on a Monday night) and actually spoke with Adam. A true Texan and 1911 enthusiast, I was impressed from the very first moment. Most sales guys or gun folks just want to start talking and tell you what they have - Adam did the exact opposite. He actually asked me about my background and what I wanted in a custom pistol. He said he could have exactly what I want built in a much faster timeframe than what I expected and that I would enjoy the process as well. He was right!

I cannot begin to say how impressed I am with this company and how they operate. 1911 CS has a bunch of Supergrade models in stock and even more that are non-SG’s. Adam had no interest in selling me something out of his inventory. I have never been asked so many questions about what I wanted to use the pistol for, what my preferences were, my sight setup, the weight of the pistol…amazing. Adam’s interest was in making sure I got exactly what I wanted. No compromises on anything.

Adam knows 1911’s and especially Wilson Combat guns through and through. You would think he works for Wilson Combat to tell you the truth and not his own custom pistol company. Attention to the detail on the smallest specs I did not know could be changed with my build specifications. I have seen lots of pictures of the pistols that Adam/1911 Custom Solution’s,LLC. has had done for previous clients and I have no doubt mine will be equally as good (if not better). Not to boast....

I cannot express my many thanks to Adam and his company for taking the amount of time to answer all of my many questions and show me so many different pictures. The customer service is just unreal. I wish all companies and their employees were as friendly and knowledgable as this young man. I will be receiving my Supergrade in a few months and have no doubt it will be a masterpiece.

Adam knows every little detail on these pistols and what options are best depending on how I want to use the pistol.....he explained every one in unbelievable detail and relevance. If you are looking for a 1911 pistol to be built just the way you want it, get in touch with Adam Fendrich, Owner of 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC……he will make it happen and you will truly enjoy the process. KUDOS!!!! A+++!!!! Service and Knowledge on another level. He doesn’t just have them built and sell them……he uses them! I’m a client for life!!!! THANK YOU, SIR!

Jason J. - January 2021
I want to give a shout out to Adam Fendrich of 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC. I purchased this tactical full size super grade from him and it is awesome!! Adam was awesome in every aspect very knowledgeable with customer service beyond belief!! If anyone is looking for a very nice Wilson combat I can not recommend enough Adam and 1911 customs solutions!! Thank you Adam for everything that you did to help me in this transaction.

Ross L. - Pennsylvania October 2020

Adam, I picked up my XTAC at my dealer this afternoon and I must say it is above and beyond my expectations!!!!!!!! Its a true work of art !!!!!!! I am very pleased with it !!! I must say thank you again for all your help with making sure I knew everything about this gun before I bought it. I want you to know that when I am ready for my next Wilson, and there will be another !! I will get in touch with you. Your knowledge of custom 1911’s is invaluable.
I have alot of friends that shoot 1911s and I will pass your name and number off to them. I am taking it to the range Saturday morning to try it out I will let you know how it goes.
Thanks again, RL

Bob S. - Dallas, TXMarch 2020
I just bought my second Wilson Combat 1911 from 1911 Custom Solution’s in Houston, TX. While I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted in a new gun, I was referred to Adam from a friend who had purchased a Wilson Combat Ultralight Professional from him and he was so overwhelmed at how great the experience was that he implored me to call Adam (Fendrich) at 1911 Custom Solution’s if I was thinking about getting another Wilson Combat. Well, all I can say is my friend was right, after reading the pages and pages of testimonials I made the best decision ever by buying from 1911 Custom Solution’s.
I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with Adam on my initial call and WOW was I impressed. Not only does Adam know custom 1911’s backwards and forwards.......he was actually really, honestly concerned with ME purchasing the RIGHT gun for its use. Self-protection and home defense. He told me upfront that he was not interested in selling any gun out of inventory to me that wasn’t right for my use. Since I do business in Houston he suggested that I come by the private showroom he has in Houston. 2 weeks later during my business I met Adam at 1911 Custom Solution’s showroom (this place is UNREAL) and we spent 2 hours basically fitting a custom 1911 to my hands and the sights that work best with my eyes. I’ve never been to a shop where you get fitted for a gun. The knowledge, customer service and Texas hospitality were great! I honestly had a great time and a lot of fun picking up my new custom Wilson Combat XTAC Commander .45. The inventory selection alone that 1911 Custom Solution’s has is breathtaking. Making a decision with dozens of the nicest custom 1911’s money can buy right in front of you can be a bit daunting but Adam knows what he is doing and he had me try several before finding the perfect 1911. Overall, 10/10 experience!. I highly recommend this company and the Owner. Adam, I can’t thank you enough for your time and experience and making my purchase so much fun. I’ll be back to get my son’s college graduation gift! Support small family owned companies like this one in Houston, TX, it is a huge asset to the firearms industry!!!! Stay safe out there!

Richard L. January 18, 2020

I cannot speak highly enough of 1911 Custom Solution’s. I have owned several Wilson Combat pistols and other high end 1911’s. While looking for a Tactical Supergrade model I searched the Internet forums, groups and pictures to find who might specialize in these pistols. I wanted to work with an Elite Dealer since I wanted to customize my pistol very extensively. After searching for several days, I noticed the same name kept coming up in my searches......Adam Fendrich, the Owner of 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC (and Elite Wilson Combat Dealer In Houston, TX). One look at the website and noticing that this company not only specializes in Supergrade pistols built by Wilson Combat but that is their primary business. One call to Adam and I know I had found the most unique high end 1911 shop I have ever come across. Adam knows these pistols inside and out and helped me design (in my opinion) one of the finest Tactical Supergrade 1911’s that has ever been done.

The specifications on my Supergrade are almost 4 pages long. Adam worked with me for several hours, one on one, to help me have this gun spec’d out commissioned. Normally, this should take well over a year to be built.......1911 Custom Solution’s had it delivered in my hands in just about 5 1/2 months from start to completion/delivery. Simply amazing customer service and next level experience! I’m a customer for life and highly recommend 1911 Custom Solution’s as the best place in the USA around to have a full custom Wilson Combat pistol built. On top of it all, Adam Fendrich, the Owner, has a phenomenal background in tactical pistol and rifle shooting combined with some incredibly useful medical skills. His background and training in tactical shooting are very unique and he gave me a free 2 hour lesson to help me improve my skills with a handgun. Give Adam Fendrich a call and tell him Richard referred you. I guarantee that you have never seen this level of service or commitment by a gun dealer to make everything perfect, enjoyable and even entertaining. Kudos Adam & 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC. You are what every gun dealer should aspire to achieve in terms of knowledge, support and next level customer service. I love my Tactical Supergrade and will pass it on to my son someday. Thanks so much!!!!!

Brian J. Birmingham, AL March 2020
I normally don’t give company or personal testimonial’s but this here company deserves one! Times are difficult at the moment and the country is going through some unrest that I have never experienced in my lifetime. I was in need of a sturdy, well-built pump shotgun since my old one just needed to be retired. No semi-auto for me......I wanted something that can almost never mechanically fail. Well, after some quick research I found Wilson Combat Scatterguns and a few moments after that I started to learn about a company in Texas called 1911 Custom Solution’s in Houston that is run by a guy who knows guns and does people right. So, I called and spoke with the Owner, Adam Fendrich. Man, this guy knows guns, ballistics, sights, I ordered a custom Wilson Combat Shotgun from him. Initially, he told me it would be about 2-8 weeks but to expect it sooner. Well, to my great less than 2 1/2 weeks later he calls me to tell me he is shipping my brand new shotgun to my FFL Dealer. A custom shotgun built and delivered in 2 1/2 weeks?? Are you kidding? If you know jack #&$&$ about custom guns you know that’s hard to do but Adam promised me a gun and he over delivered in both time and exceeded my expectations of what a WC Remington 870 pump gun should be. My new shotgun is a true piece of art and the action is super smooth! Many thanks Adam & 1911 Custom Solution’s for taking care of me and helping me out.......keep doing what you do! 10/10++++!

T. Sheffield June 10, 2019

The Nighthawk Falcon 5” .45 you sold me is the finest, most beautiful and most accurate 1911 that I have now. And I have all of the usual suspects. If it were possible to describe a 1911 as a tack driver, this would surely be the one. I just put 300 rounds or so through it at the range, 185 JHP and 230FMJ and +P, no problems whatsoever, utterly flawless and at every distance out to 25 yards. I cannot say enough about the gun.

Nor would I be short of words about the delightful experience which accompanied the purchase. It was a pleasure to have made your acquaintance and I see that your knowledge and experience suit like hand and glove the elegance of these beautiful hand crafted weapons. I'm pretty sure I'll be back. I wouldn't be content to settle for less. Thanks.


Larry F. - January 30, 2019

During the summer of 2018 I decided a wanted a Wilson Combat Supergrade. I spent several weeks visiting gun shops in my area and many hours on the internet. I even met with some Wilson Combat representatives and decided on just how I wanted my Supergrade configured as it was important to me to have something special passed on to my son. I decided to order one and contacted Wilson Combat directly and they told me it would take more than 2 years to build. Of course I was disappointed. As I continued my online searching, I came across 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC. and they had the exact gun I wanted. Needless to say, I was shocked and cancelled my order with Wilson Combat. I spoke with Adam Fendrich, the Owner at 1911 Custom Solutions about the gun I wanted. Adam spent several hours with me on the phone to discuss the gun I wanted and suggested various options that I had not considered. After a few conversations with Adam and several hours figuring out exactly what I wanted, I purchased a Wilson Combat .45 1911 Supergrade from Adam and his company 1911 Custom Solutions. The gun was immediately shipped to me and I had it 2 days later.

Needless to say, I went to the range and the gun was amazing. Exceeded my expectations! I was so pleased with my purchase, I called Adam back and told him I was so happy with my purchase. I browsed his website again and noticed that he had another Wilson .45 1911 Supergrade in stock except this one was configured in stainless. I told him I wanted to purchase that one as well but wanted it as a piece of art and not something to shoot. I proudly have that one on display! After spending some time shooting my 1st Supergrade, I called Adam back and told him I wanted a very special Supergrade for everyday carry. He spent several hours with me configuring the exact gun I wanted. This one had to be built which disappointed me since Wilson build times can take up to 2 years. Adam assured me that since his company, 1911 Custom Solutions is one of WILSON Combat’s Top Elite Dealer’s with Wilson and their largest Supergrade Elite Dealer in the country, he could get the gun built much sooner. 24 Hours after I placed my order my full custom Compact Supergrade was Kitted!!I I placed the order in late October of 2018 and the gun was delivered to me by January 15, of 2019 - 3 1/2 month build time! This Compact Supergrade far exceeded my expectations! This is the reason that 1911 Custom Solutions’s Supergrade reputation precedes itself- it’s what Adam specializes in and custom 1911’s are what he does. He delivers on everything he says that he will in the timeframe estimate every time.

If it was not for Adam and the courtesy and time he extended to me to make sure I was happy in getting exactly what I deserved, I would have settled for an expensive gun off of the shelf. Instead, he listened to me and Kindly suggested options and a configuration I never thought of. If anyone out there is considering a Wilson, I strongly recommend contacting Adam and throughly discussing with him your needs.

I am now starting to consider my 4th Supergrade from Adam as I am a fan for life! Thank you Adam!

Mike Shannon February 19, 2019

I purchased a Wilson Combat Bill Wilson Carry Pistol II from Adam at 1911 Custom Solutions recently. To elaborate, I had been looking for a 1911 EDC gun to replace my old Colt. Like most folks I suspect, I went online and shopped and did as much research as I could since I wanted the best Compact 1911 pistol that money could get me without going up to a Compact Supergrade. I spent almost a year looking at different pistols and along the way the same company and name kept coming up and being recommended to me. 1911 Custom Solutions. Call Adam Fendrich the Owner, and he will help you out. Well, in this case the internet and all of the information I found was right. I spent at least 8 months talking with Adam about what model might be best for me. Just by looking at their website you can see that if you are looking for a Wilson Combat 1911 that you are in the right place!
I have never experienced a Gun Dealer whose Owner will spend as much time as needed to answer all of the questions I had, compare all the different models, and even explain options that were available to me I did not know about. This place is truly (imo) how a gun company should be run. They specialize in the 1911 and I have never come across anyone more knowledgeable and friendly. Adam’s background in shooting, training others, and his personal interest in selling me the right gun and not just any gun made all the difference in the world. Adam would not simply sell me a gun out of inventory to make a sale....he waited a year until I was comfortable with my purchase decision and then he made it happen with such ease! I cannot thank Adam and 1911 Custom Solutions enough. Just an outstanding, one of a kind company and experience! I’m a new life long customer. If you are in the market for a new Wilson Combat - I strongly recommend working with 1911 Custom Solutions and the Owner, Adam Fendrich. They will do whatever it takes to make sure you get exactly what you want and need. Thanks for all of your help Adam, I will be back!

Ron Watson - February 2019
I was at my son's house in New Brighton, Pa, when the Wilson Combat arrived.Your handling of this matter was exceptionally quick. You should be commended on your shipping practices. Getting a pistol that normally takes about a year (Wilson Combat Vicker’s Elite) and having it delivered at my FFL Dealer 48 Hours after I purchased it from 800 miles away is just unbelievable. Everything you said would happen went just like clockwork!

The day it arrived we both went to Keystone Shooting Range and were very pleased with the performance of the firearm. To place ten rounds within a three (3)inch radius on first loading was unreal ! Quite frankly, the pistol is a masterpiece. I am sure you have heard this before but Rodney is treating the item as if it were an heirloom.
Thanks again for your expert handling of this matter. I chose to purchase a custom 1911 from your company based on your vast inventory and frankly all of the incredible testimonials and word of mouth in the 1911 community about how you do business. Honesty and integrity are tough to find in the online gun marketplace and you have it in spades. Couple that with your knowledge of the 1911 platform and reputation for exceeding expectations and you and your business are doing it right and make the experience a pleasant one! Kudos Adam!
Ron Watson

Verl Gunter October 29, 2018
I had a most enjoyable time in your office yesterday. It did not seem as though I was being high pressured by a professional salesman. But rather you were there to answer all my questions and walk me through the experience and purchase the right firearm for me. I appreciate the unhurried one on one time with you: our conversation and exchange of information..Appreciate your knowledge and experience and look forward to future business relationships...I am looking forward to receiving my customized XTAC Elite Pro 9MM. This is the best experience I have ever had purchasing a firearm. Thanks Adam.

Scott Threet October 10,2018

Great process and experience. It was very easy to get my custom EDC X9 built exactly how I wanted it and faster than anyone else has done it before! Place your order, relax, get notification that it’s on the way, worry yourself to death with anticipation!
Exactly what I wanted - thank you so much Adam. I will be coming back again!

Gary T. Zimmerman October 11, 2018

I just had a wonderful gun buying experience. I finally decided that I wanted to go ahead and purchase a Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade. Through Gunsamerica I found They had the weapon I wanted in stock and ready to ship. I purchased it on a Sunday and it was in my FFL Thursday afternoon. I was at the range in 20 minutes and the Wilson lived up to all the hype. It is a wonderful pistol. I have a Springfield TRP operator and the Wilson made it seem clunky. (The TRP is still a really good gun). When I purchased the gun through the site on Sunday, Adam from 1911solutions called me that day and made sure we were both on the same page. You don't get customer service like this everywhere. If you are looking for a custom 1911, I would defiantly recommend"

Gary T Zimmerman

Drake McKinney, September 29, 2018
I just picked up my third custom Wilson Combat 1911 that Adam at 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC. helped me build. I am continually impresssed by this specialty companies ability to do things that no one else does or even has the capability to do. I’ve been to 1911 Custom Solutions professional showroom several times and it is almost impossible to leave without spending all of my money. Their collection of custom 1911 pistols is second to none. Have you ever been to a gun store that has a dozen full custom Supergrades in stock? Even more, the Owner, Adam Fendrich, is one of the most knowledgeable guys regarding the 1911 platform I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. He lives up to exactly what he says he will do and exceeded my expectations every time and in all respects. When I purchase another 1911 this is THE only place to go! Just talk with Adam and if he doesn’t already have what you are looking for he will spend as much time as you need to have your ultimate dream pistol built. My latest pistol is a custom Tactical Supergrade. Not only did he have the gun Kitted within 24 hours but he had the gun in my hands in less than 6 months!! Simply incredible service on a whole new level. Adam was trained professionally by Texas Dept. of Public Safety State Troopers in his 20’s and learned from the Swat team on how to shoot in real world conditions. So, no sales guy who just wants to just sell you some gun......he is fully invested in getting you the absolute best pistol based on your needs. I am continually impressed by this old school specialty gun store that does what they do. I cannot thank Adam and his company, 1911 Custom Solutions enough. This company just does it right! No cut corners and honest to God perfection. I will be back for another pistol. He basically fitted me for my pistol like a tailor would when you buy a suit! Absolutely perfect!
Thanks again Adam and much continued success to you.

Anthony Yourey, August 18, 2018
Hi Adam I just picked up my custom designed edc x9 and all I can say is WOW! I am extremely satisfied with my choice and want to thank you for helping me through the whole process, from kitting to delivery - - you and your company, 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC. are top notch! You delivered on your word and made everything effortless. I'm actually thinking of getting rid of my stable of firearms and restocking with WC only. Thanks again and keep up your great work. You'll be hearing from me again.

Stephan J. Strasser August 14, 2018
The process of ordering the Wilson Combat EDC X9 was a straight forward and easy process. Adam provided excellent customer service and walked me through the process of ordering the gun and help me with the specifications that I wanted and what would look good and what did not make any sense. Additionally, using 1911 Custom Solutions I was able to have my full custom designed EDC X9 Kitted and built in less than 8 weeks! Adam kept in constant contact with me with even the smallest updates and did exactly what he said he would do. No doubt this company is one of Wilson Combat’s Top Elite Dealer’s. I recommend Adam / 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC. without any hesitation!
It was a pleasure to work with Adam.
Stephan Strasser

Keith Pederson March 26, 2018

Adam Fendrich thank you. My wait time was cut in half for my wilson combat EDC X9. Went shooting with my son this past weekend. Amazing gun. What I really liked was how you would take any amount of time to talk on the phone. And explaining everything i needed to know. Every detail on my x9 was as I asked. The x9 is amazing. Customer support is awesome. I never once stressed about our business transaction. Really quite smooth. The next time I will use 1911 Custom Solution’s! Happy customer! I think my son might claim this x9 . Thx Adam and 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC!

Mark G. June 7, 2018
I have been shopping around for several different models of Wilson Combat pistols for the past several months. After I was referred to Adam, the Owner of 1911 Custom Solution’s in Houston, TX I did some quick research and made a few calls to see for myself if all of the great things were true. I finally called and spoke with Adam. WOW! I have never had quite a buying experience like this. Nothing but a real pleasure. Not only was Adam superbly knowledgeable about all of the products and options, but he was truly interested in helping me find the right pistol to meet my requirements. 1911 Custom Solution’s has a huge inventory and he never suggested anything that did not meet my requirements. After much discussion, Adam spent quite a bit of time helping me build a custom Ultralight Carry Professional .45 just the way I wanted it. What really impressed me is Adam’s ability to follow up and deliver exactly what he says he will do. I never even had to call him to check the status of my build - he called me twice to let me know how things were progressing. My gun was Kitted the next day after I put down a deposit and it arrived in only 5 months after it was Kitted! Simply amazing customer service and Adam saved me several months compared to every other Wilson Dealer and even Wilson Combat Direct. I had no wait time! Small family owned companies like 1911 Custom Solution’s are the real gems of the Firearms’s industry and the entire experience was beyond exceptional. I can’t thank Adam and 1911 Custom Solution’s enough. If you are looking for a 1911 this is THE place to get it from. I’ll be back for a Supergrade soon - thanks Adam!

Steven K. February 4, 2018
I have been wanting another Wilson Combat for about a year or so. I could not quite decide on what model I wanted so I decided to do the usual scrolling over the Wilson website. After looking online for just a few minutes, I kept reading great things about a Company (1911 Custom Solution’s) in Texas that specializes in custom 1911’s. After some brief due diligence, I read all of these great things about the Owner, Adam of 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC. I spoke with him for over an hour on 3 different occasions about what I was looking for. He helped me build my 1911 to my specifications and even now suggested a few I didn’t know existed. Their website alone has inventory that no one else even has! He didn’t try to sell me something that didn’t fit what I didn’t exactly want - he had it built for me. No wait time to kit! 24 hours after Specifications were agreed on he had Wilson Combat kit my custom 1911!
Not only was Adam incredibly patient, but I have yet to come across someone who is so interested in what I want to use my 1911 for, how I want it to look and feel.....Adam even spent an hour going over my preferred sight picture and set up! His knowledge is unreal and his attention to the smallest detail is what makes this company so special. His background with Texas DPS and formal training is quite intriguing. He loves to shoot pistols, he loves having them built for clients like me and is a great guy to deal with. The best part.....he cut my time to get my gun built by almost 2/3 the normal time had I used any other Dealer or even WC direct! Every expectation I had was exceeded! Great service, great company and exceeded all of my expectations. I won’t use any other company to buy or build me another Wilson 1911. Like Adam say’s.....”it’s all he does”. 10 our of 10. Small full custom shops like this are so rare these days. This place is the perfect place to go when you want a 1911 built the way you want it done. I will be back for another! Thanks Adam. Simple perfection.

Aaron Lerberg September 1, 2016
just bought a Les Baer Thunder Ranch from Adam. Really appreciated the customer service. I placed my order and called me to confirm the order was correct, let me know how it would be sent out, and did all the calling to my FFL to get his number. This is the kind of service I appreciate when I buy a gun at this price point. Thank you Adam.

Glynn Spencer January 17, 2018
For a couple of years I’ve been kicking around the idea of buying a Wilson Combat Supergrade. I already have a couple of WC 1911’s and one of their rifles, so I’m quite familiar with the manufacturer. I finally decided to pull the trigger (pun intended) in May of 2017. After researching the process of buying a custom Supergrade through both Wilson Combat and my LGS (a WC dealer), I knew I was looking at an approximate 4-year process.

Luckily, I asked around a couple of Wilson Combat Facebook pages and was contacted by Adam at 1911 Custom Solutions. Adam took the time and effort to fully explain the details of the ordering process. Adam had an opportunity available to initiate a build immediately. Not to mention, I wanted two Supergrades custom built (for my wife and I).

Adam secured the specific kitting slots and we had the orders in place within a week. At that time, the estimated build was 12-18 months due to the custom engraving I ordered. Throughout the time of the builds, Adam kept in contact with updates.

Of course it was a great surprise when Adam called in January 2018 with the news that BOTH of the builds were complete and ready to ship! So a 4-year process was condensed into a few months (May 2017-January 2018). Both 1911s were shipped to my FFL as soon as Adam had received them from Wilson Combat and inspected the builds.

The handguns are superb. My wife was ecstatic which, of course, was good for me as well! I’d definitely recommend 1911 Custom Solutions to anyone interested in the products they carry and I plan on being a repeat customer. Thank you Adam!

Will S. - February 2, 2018
"I had previously purchased a full size X-Tac in 9mm elsewhere and knew that I wanted to get one in .45 to match. I knew exactly what I wanted, and found that Adam happened to have one in stock, ready to be mine. How fortunate for me! Even though I knew exactly what I wanted, Adam still took the time to go above and beyond to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted and that I would be fully satisfied with the purchase. Given that it was being shipped, I wasn't able to see it in person beforehand, so this extra attention that Adam took was most appreciated. Once we took care of all the details, my new X-Tac was promptly shipped out to my local FFL and I had it at home 2 days later. All in all, this was probably the easiest purchase I've made in a long time. Thanks Adam & 1911 Custom Solution’s! I will be back."

Bill Rogers April 2, 2015
If you want a nice stock Kimber, Glock or Colt - this is not the place. Don't get me wrong I own a bucket of all three and love them just fine. If however, you desire a custom 1911 that you'll grab each and every time, a work of craftsmanship and excellence than go see Adam. Nothing but the finest in 1911's, in stock for your selection. I literally spent hours working with Adam going through a dozen different models from Wilson Combat, Les Baer's to Ed Brown models until I got it down to three and then to one. You couldn't buy my Wilson Combat CQB for any price for THIS is my gun and this is the one that I wanted. Sure I still love my stainless Commander but I always, always have my Wilson with me and it's my go to weapon. This company has the largest in stock inventory of custom 1911's on hand thy I've ever seen. Thanks Adam

A.Taylor February 2018
I have been into 1911’s since I was a kid. For the past couple of years I have started collecting higher end 1911’s. The Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade has been my ultimate dream gun for as long as I can remember. Most pistol (1911) folks know that having a custom Supergrade built how you want takes several years....including a wait list time and then the time to build the gun after the Kitting call from Wilson Combat. After just a little research online and checking a few references I easily noticed 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC. was consistently referred to as the place to go for a Supergrade. I called and spoke with the Owner, Adam, who is most enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable man on the 1911 platform.

More importantly, 1911 Custom Solution’s is known as the largest Supergrade Elite Dealer for Wilson. Well, I told Adam that I had shopped around and every other Elite Dealer had at least an 18 month wait time to have my custom Supergrade Kitted. Adam told me that with his company, he could have mine Kitted within 24 hours! WOW! I was shocked......apparently all of the revues and happy former customers are absolutely right and as soon as we spent a good 2 Hours together meticulously creating the specifications for my 1911 the order was submitted and true to his word, Adam and 1911 Custom Solution’s had my custom Supergrade pistol Kitted 24 hours after I ordered it! Simply unreal customer service and knowledge on another level.

I’ve never worked with any FFL Dealer or custom Gun Dealer with Adam’s level of dedication to perfection and knowledge of the different options available and the benefits and usefulness of each. He simply wouldn’t let me compromise on a pistol that will end up over $6K. I sincerely appreciate all of 1911 Custom Solution’, LLC and Adam’s hard work! Their extraordinary ability to have a gun like a Supergrade Kitted and built to my specifications without the standard 18 month+ waiting time is phenomenal! If you are looking for a family owned, privately run Wilson Combat Elite Dealer who will spend the time with you one on one to help create your perfect dream Supergrade call 1911 Custom Solution’s and speak with Adam. You will get nothing but the best. Thanks so much Adam!

Michael Brown February 2 2016

I purchased a Wilson Combat Protector 5" here and I couldn't have been more impressed with the service and vast knowledge that the owner (Adam) has. What I really enjoyed most is that unlike every gun store with sales guys (sometimes clueless) pushing products at you to make a sale Adam and his company work hard to find the perfect gun for hand size....even the sight picture that worked best for me and then he literally had me try on the gun in their professional showroom to compare for myself. No gun shop Ive ever been in has ever gone to such lengths to ensure that I got exactly what I wanted. If your looking for some cheap polymer pistol you're in the wrong place.....this place is almost unreal between their inventory and the way they treat their customers. It's all one on one with the owner himself. Great experience, great environment and incredible guns. If you live in Texas there is no other place to shop for a custom 1911 like this. Thank you for all you patience and help Adam! I'll definitely be returning for another pistol from your company.

Lindsay Richardson June 26 2016

Initially Adam, the Owner of 1911 custom solutions, was recommended to me as a handgun instructor from a friend of mine. I didn't grow up around handguns but I knew that I wanted to get my CHL license and needed some professional training before I took the course so I could feel competent and know how to shoot. I can't be more complimentary to Adam as an instructor....yes, he has all the NRA Instructor stuff but much more than that he trained with one of the State of Texas swat teams long before he opened this business. He made sure I was comfortable with the gun and more importantly that I learned the rules of gun safety until I now have them memorized. He's a bit of a safety fanatic but I actually like that in an instructor. He's not overbearing at all.....never yells or raises his voice. His family owned company has some of the best 1911s in stock anywhere. He's just a really great guy who knows guns inside and out and will help pick one with you that works for you. His skills and techniques and drills with any kind of gun are fun and are designed to work in real world situations. If you need any kind of weapons training, I'd highly recommend Adam and his company as his place to go....or go and buy a new custom 1911. Thank you for all of your help and teaching this girl how to blast pistols and carbines and feel safe in this big city! Someday I'll get one of those Supergrades!

Jeff Bransom June 29 2016

I purchased a new Wilson Combat CQB from Adam at his company 1911 Custom Solutions. I have been buying guns for years and never have I had such a great experience in a fun store. The store itself is in a very professional building an pad requires an appointment with Adam to visit and make a purchase in person. I thought about buying from several other places but what won me over was Adam's unprecedented knowledge of the 1911 platform and the time he spent with me finding the perfect gun for what I wanted to use it for. He didn't try to sell me anything that he felt would not work for me. Unbelievable respectful of what I wanted on my gun. He even spent at least 30 min. Helping me choose the perfect sights for kept gun my demonstrating different guns sight pictures. I highly recommend Adam and 1911 Custom Solutions - they only carry high end custom 1911's so if your looking for production guns go to Academy. I plan on taking basic and advanced shooting lessons with Adam and could not be more pleased with the experience or the vast amount of knowledge that the owner (Adam) has. He's also an unbelievable marksman with about every weapon I've ever seen him shoot. Thanks for your help Adam....your patience with me has earned a life long customer. Great job and I LOVE my new CQB.

Rob Machowski July 5 2016

I found this gem of a custom 1911 gun shop searching for custom Wilson Combat guns on the net. After some quick searching I found 1911 CS and within just a few minutes I had called the owner - Adam. He called back just a few minutes later and helped me decide what gun would work best for me. Since I don't live in Texas I couldn't go to the showroom......their internet site is fantastic. The selection of in stock guns is second to none and Adam was incredibly thorough in learning about what I wanted in a new custom gun. I won't ever go back to another big box retail store again for a custom gun....this place is simply unreal. No BS. NO smarmy sales tactics. Adam will tell you how it is based on what you want while being very courteous and professional. He definitely knows the 1911 inside and out. I'll be back for another gun from here because I loved the experience! If you want a custom 1911 this is the go to place. Excellent guns and excellent service.Thanks again Adam.

Dan Guillory October 9, 2016
First of all, if you are interested in a custom 1911, I recommend giving Adam a call. If you are in the Houston area, make an appointment with Adam to visit his showroom. Let me say that this is the way to purchase a 1911. You will be in a private setting. No lines and no impatient salesmen. You can handle all models you are interested in and Adam will answer any questions you have. This was very important for me as I was new to the 1911. Adam was patient and allowed me all the time I needed to make my decision.

I have fired over 250 rounds through the Les Baer Super Tac so far. No failures of any kind. I was a firearms instructor for an agency within the Department of Justice for over 20 years. Let me be emphatic on this this, the Super Tac is the most accurate handgun I have ever handled, period. It's not even broke in yet and I'm in awe at the out of the box accuracy.

You can't go wrong with a Les Baer from Adam at 1911 Custom Solutions.

John C. August 2017
Adam Fendrich @ 1911 Custom Solutions’s delivered as promised. I received my full custom built CQB Elite exactly to my specifications 6 weeks time. Unbelievable time for a Custom build with adjustable adjustable sights, Ambidextrous safety and crisp 3lb. Trigger. Thanks Adam!

Karl Scott December 16, 2016

I found 1911 Custom Solutions while looking for a new Wilson Combat CQB model in Houston, TX - I did not know that this unbelievable gem of a REAL custom gun store was located here (they are a private shop/not retail/no signs). These fine folks have built a fantastic gun company which is focused on what I wanted and not what was in stock. I made an appointment and the owner, Adam, was kind enough to accommodate me at the last minute. He spent an hour with me making sure I was considering just the right gun for my purposes. Adam is meticulous! I picked up my dream gun here and I could not be happier. Support your local shop like this one...if you are lucky enough to go I wouldn't miss it and their in stock inventory is phenomenal. Great setup and flawless knowledge of the platform. Just keep your eye on the ball with what you want as the inventory here is straight out of a Robb report mag. Thank you sir!

WS Ragoon
I want to thank Adam at 1911 Custom Solutions for the wonderful way he enabled me to purchase the Wilson Combat EDC X9. I saw his internet site talking about how it was developed, and how it would be utilized as a concealed carry. I had always been interested in the concept of a 1911 9MM. I was somewhat reluctant to buy one due to Browning originally designing the 1911 for the .45acp cartridge. Until Wilson redesigned it just for this cartridge. I am just an average shooter, that doesn't shot a whole lot, but like to have good stuff that will functions it is supposed to when I need it. I have shot several hundred rounds through this gun and find it worthy. Adam did a great job of providing me the information I needed to make this purchase. He answered all of my questions, called me to give me updates on arrival, and worked with my FFL to have it shipped to me. He even followed up with me after purchase inquiring about my satisfaction. Yes - I would buy again from him anytime and recommend him and 1911 Custom Solutions to anyone that is interested in purchasing a Wilson Combat firearm, The personal attention and level of knowledge buying from an Elite Dealer like Adam is unsurpassed. Thanks.

Steven P. - May 2017

I own several custom 1911's from several manufacturer's. For my next addition to my collection I chose to have a full custom Tactical Supergrade 5" .45 model built. I've always wanted one but that wait time kept me away. Knowing that the wiait time to get one of the kitted and the built led me to look around for an Elite Wilson Dealer that could do it faster for me. I read a lot of comments in several forums and consistently found one company mentioned - 1911 Custom Solutions and that the Owner, Adam Fendrich was the man to talk to about commissioning a Tactical Supergrade. The service and knowledge is just on another level with this company. Not only did Adam encourage me not to make ANY compromises on my dream gun but he knows the gun inside and out and made my vision into reality....he must have spent 2 hours helping draw up the specifications list for my new Supergrade. Most impressive, after telling him what I planned to use the gun for he gave me several viable options to put on my gun so that it would be built to maximize the performance of the gun and it's handling! Just unbelievable! An hour talking with me about sight options and the use of front Cocking Serrations is not something I have come across from any Dealer from any Manufacturer. The best part - my gun was able to be kitted within 2 weeks of putting a deposit down. Almost no wait time!!! Every other Wilson Dealer I spoke with had a multi-year wait list. I'm beyond impressed. I highly reccomend 1911 Custom Solutions - just get in touch with Adam Fendrich, the Owner, and he will help you build your dream gun. These guys specialize in Supergrade's. It's easy to tell when someone has spent a lot of time training and shooting with the 1911 like Adam has.....the knowledge and customer service are beyond belief! I'll be back to buy more. Thanks for all of your patience and assistance with helping build my dream gun Adam.

Stewart F. July 5, 2017

Looking for the best selection of readily available Wilson Combat .45’s anywhere, and most knowledgeable product guy in the business?, well….look no further! Originally, I was interested in a Wilson Tactical Super grade, but after meeting with Adam in terms of what I really needed, he was able to custom build a custom Wilson .308 Recon Tactical for me. He even went so far as to recommend (based on my requirements) a customized scope and bipod. He then ordered all the parts, had Wilson configure and sight in my rifle. He did all this in an expeditious manner, and kept me informed of its progress along the way. Upon delivery, he reviewed all of the features and made recommended ammunition choices for both range practice and hunting. Seriously, I could not have asked for anything more! I will never purchase another weapon anywhere else.

Adam’s customer first disposition and willingness to get you exactly what you want and matched with exceptional product line knowledge and best in class available selection of custom handguns, and AR equipment set a new standard for me. The office/showroom itself is unreal and unlike any gun showroom I have ever seen - it is phenomenal.

This is your place if you want the best! Don’t even bother to go anywhere else.

Thanks Adam….you are the man!

Delighted customer.

Michael. P July 7, 2017

I recently purchased my second 1911 Wilson Combat pistol from Adam the owner at 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC . In Houston Texas. Once again, I was amazed at the level of customer service and detail that one into picking out the perfect 1911 for my hand and my eyes. In my opinion he went well above the call of normal duty to satisfy this repeat buyer. Since he carries almost every single model that Wilson makes the choice of which gun to go with can be difficult – Adam spent several hours walking through each one of the pistols with me until I was comfortable with two of them and then I just narrowed it down and bought one.
I could not be happier! I'm not sure if another elite dealer or any dealer of any kind exist on this type of level. He only sells 1911 custom pistols and is incredibly knowledgeable about each one of them and every single feature or part on the gun and what it's purpose is. Most importantly, yet again he basically sized the pistol not only the fit of the pistol in my hand but the site picture in his showroom/office until I was 100% comfortable with what I wanted and what worked for me. 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC (Adam Fendrich) has earned a life-long customer in me. There is no way that I will ever go to any other gun shop to buy a custom gun. I really thank Adam for all of the time and all patience with he spent with me in selecting my newest 1911. If you're in Houston or if you're an Internet type of buyer I highly recommend you take a look at this company you won't find a finer human being to deal with and in this case The owner is Adam Fendrich himself. Bravo, Adam – absolute perfection! You will get exactly what your want and have his expert knowledge there to answer and questions. You get what you pay for and more!!

Joe Uselding July 18, 2017
Being new to the Wilson Combat market, I had no clue what to expect. I have owned mid level firearms, but nothing like a WC. Adam (Owner of 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC.) actually reached out to me after

I was looking for info, and I couldn’t be happier with the service that I received. Adam spent more time on the phone with me than I would expect a Firearm’s Dealer to do.

He spelled out all of my options if I wanted to order custom, as well as reaching out to WC to see what might be coming down the line already completed. To my

surprise, there was a firearm that met 95% of my needs and could be modified later to make it 100% what I wanted. This shaved weeks off my wait time and had me to the range

faster than I expected. Adam really went above and beyond to put a firearm into my hands that I can easily keep a lifetime and hand down to my grandkids. I wish I lived in TX so I could visit his showroom, but even though I was on the other side of the US, he helped me to get the best firearm for me. Thanks for the five star service Adam!

Nickolas M. September 23, 2017
I have owned many 1911’s over my lifetime and I had been looking at different companies high-end custom offerings. A friend of mine recently purchased a XTAC Elite from 1911 Custom Solutions and recommended I consider them. All I can say is WOW - one look at their website and my jaw was on the floor. The companies reputation precedes itself on all the net forums and boards but i have never seen the full house of Wilson Combat’s entire line up actually in stock in multiple configurations for each pistol. I called and spoke with the Owner, Adam and we just hit it off. This man is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable that he spoke with me 2 or 3 times before we finalized on the specifications on a custom Tactical Supergrade .45. It has never been more fun to have a full custom gun like my Tactical Supergrade built through 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC. Adam is superbly attentive to detail and pointed several things out during the process that I would have never considered. He knows the 1911 inside and out and helped design the gun of my dreams. It’s an absolute showstopper! Best part was that Adam told me up front that it would take about 7-8 months once it was “kitted” to be delivered to me. Adam was dead on. 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC. Delivered my gun in just over 7 months!! These guns take several YEARS to wait on a list and then get built. I couldn’t speak more highly of this Company and it’s Owner, Adam. This is 1911 lover’s dream shop! Special thanks to Adam and all of his work in getting me the gun I have waited 30 years for. An absolute 10 all the way won’t find any other gun shop that specializes in just 1911’s like this anywhere. Call them or make an appointment and go see for yourself. You won’t be let down.

Peter Hinds November 2017

I recently picked up my full size Tactical Supergrade .45 that I had built/commissioned through 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC. I worked with the Owner, Adam who spent several hours with me going through all of the possible choices and details on a full custom Tactical Supergrade. I’m 67 years old and have been waiting all of my life to get one of these pistols from Wilson. I definitely picked the best company to work with. The reputation of Adam and his company preceded itself. After calling three different Elite Dealers, there was just no comparison. The level of knowledge and Adam’s personality made this choice of who to work with a no brainer! I cannot thank Adam enough -he has endless pistol knowledge. He absolutely won’t stop working until I said it’s perfect. That’s when the best part Tactical Supergrade was Kitted in less than 48 hours after I ordered it. Just like he said it would be. Every other company I spoke with has a several year wait just to get to the Kitting part. The nickname that 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC. has picked up is true. This place is Supergrade City. Everything Adam said he would do he did, on time, and with meticulous accuracy and thought. His concern was focused on what I wanted on my Supergrade, not what he thought I should have. Adam and 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC were recommended to me by several people and previous clients. They have the entire Wilson Combat line up of 1911’s in stock and the largest Tactical Supergrade inventory of anyone, anywhere! And, 1911 Custom Solutions even has a PINNACLE SUPERGRADE!!! This place is simply perfection. The value is really in how the shop is run by Adam and their relationship with Wilson Combat. Just the nicest guy personally and he built me my dream gun in 8 MONTHS! Great job Adam, I appreciate your wealth of knowledge and attention to detail. You certainly know the 1911 and especially the Supergrade inside and out. I wouldn’t hesitate to reccomend you to anyone looking for a custom 1911. Perfection personalized!!!! For those out there reading through all of these reviews if you want the best then have the best Elite Dealer for Wilson Combat help you with your build. Adam & 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC. is THE BEST PLACE TO GO!

Michael Coughlin - December 2017
We all know about the long wait period to buy a new EDC X9. I called Adam and he had just received one from Wilson Combat which I quickly ordered. It was the first of five which Adam secured, prepped, and shipped in time for Christmas. In all, he found all five in about a month which was great considering the 5-7 month wait caused by the popularity of this pistol. All five of the pistols Adam delivered to me were built to my specifications and delivered long before Wilson Combat or anyone else could fulfill my orders.

He patiently guided me through the selection and purchase process, answering my questions in a helpful and professional manner. His service and attention to detail is exemplary.
I will be a return customer in the near future!


Man this EDC X9 is fun to shoot! Very crisp. Accurate. Wow. Man it was a pleasure. Your best attribute is how you talk to people and keep them informed. 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC does right! You won’t be disappointed- Adam, the Owner, knows what he is doing and how to help spec your custom pistol exactly how you want it and deliver it faster than anywhere else!
Keith Pederson 5 STAR SERVICE

Todd Tribble June 23, 2018 not deal with this company! I have wanted a Wilson for 30 years, but since the wait time is usually 9-18 months and I have the patience of a 2 year old just never happened. Stumbled across their website a few weeks ago saw a full size XTAC Elite “in stock”. Decided to go ahead and call Adam to confirm my suspicions that he could only order one. He assured me that it was in stock, but also had several others in the order pipeline if I didn’t see what I truly wanted. Slept on it over night and pulled the trigger the next morning thinking that I would get the backordered message. I was so hour later it was showing shipped, 48 hours later I was shooting my dream pistol. The problem lies with the simplicity of this I’m looking at EDC x9’s to accompany my XTAC Elite andI have a convention in Houston in August....and Adam (the Owner) had nerve to invite me to come handle the entire Wilson lineup that I have only seen in magazines while in town. So deal with this company at your own only takes one transaction for them to hook you! This Company truly specializes in 1911’s and they know exactly what they are doing and how to get you what you want! 5 STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

1911 Custom Solutions nothing but the best, with the most helpful staff. Adam is your guy to talk to when considering a super reliable and up to the task 1911.
Rob W. Cheers! 5 STAR SERVICE.

I purchased my first custom 1911 from 1911 custom solutions and it was Les Baer S.R.P. The owner Adam Fendrich is a great guy to deal with; he was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful in terms of answering my questions and needs abut the fire arm. They shipped the firearm the next day and it was at my FFL dealer within two days. Adam called me to made sure I received my product also made sure that I was fully satisfied with my purchase. He was always there to answer my questions. in my next purchase, I am for sure a return customer to this site. if you are looking for a custom 1911, Adam is a great guy to deal with, you won't be disappointed.
Naram Solaka. 5 STAR SERVICE.

This was my second experience with the company and have nothing but great things to say. Very professional and incredible service from Adam, the Owner.
Joe Koenig. 5 STAR SERVICE.

Professional and Responsive Service. This was my second experience with the company and have nothing but great things to say.
William Croak. 5 STAR SERVICE.

I rarely write reviews for anyone or any company. I am making an exception because I really enjoyed my purchasing experience with Adam of 1911 Custom Solutions. He responded to my email questions very rapidly and professionally. I even called him on one occasion and he answered and was friendly and quite helpful. I will recommend Adam and his company to my friends. Thank you, Adam, for a great experience. I love my pistol and appreciate your help, advice, and attitude.
Doug Hicks. 5 STAR SERVICE.

1911 custom solutions is the way to go. I made an appointment with Adam and he had everything set up for me. No lines and no salesmen trying to hurry you up. Since I was new to the 1911 platform, Adam answered all my questions and allowed to handle all the models I was interested in until I found the one that fit me. If your in the Houston area, I highly recommend making an appointment with Adam at 1911 custom solutions.

My les Baer is everything promised. It arrived on time from 1911 custom solutions as promised. Adam was full of helpful information concerning my new gun purchase. I will be s repeat consumer got sure. Thank you 1911 custom solutions you guys ROCK!!
Joe Koenig. 5 STAR SERVICE!

1911 Custom Solutions offers nothing but the best 1911's and with the most helpful staff. Adam Fendrich, the Owner is your guy to talk to when considering a super reliable and up to the task 1911. Ultra knowledgeable and incredibly friendly, Adam worked with me to understand exactly what I was looking for and then proceeded to compare the best available choices for me. I have never been around a more thorough Professional who specializes in custom 1911's. His knowledge and great persona overall to deal with when buying a gun of this type are invaluable - (Les Baer SRP). Thanks so much Adam!
R. Wertheimer 5 STAR SERVICE

1911 Custom Solutions, LLC is the way to go. I made an appointment with Adam and he had everything set up for me. No lines and no salesmen trying to hurry you up. Since I was new to the 1911 platform, Adam answered all my questions and allowed to handle all the models I was interested in until I found the one that fit me. If your in the Houston area, I highly recommend making an appointment with Adam at 1911 custom solutions.
D. Guillory. 5 STAR SERVICE

I have purchased most of my firearms online. 1911 Custom Solutions by far exceeded any vendor I've worked with in the past. Upon placing my order, I received a phone call confirming my order and making sure everything was as I was expecting. They contacted my FFL and took care of all of the leg work and contacted me after the sale to make sure everything was as expected. You really are getting the concierge service when you buy a custom gun from these guys.Love the Thunder Ranch Edition. The lockup is amazingly tight but yet the gun fires so smoothly you would think it was on ball bearings. When you look at what you get for your money in the Thunder Ranch Special, you will be hard pressed to duplicate it in any other manufacturer. I can't say enough good about this gun. The service and knowledge that the Owner Adam has is phenomenal! This is the only place to buy a custom 1911. Aaron L. 5 STAR SERVICE

Adam @ 1911 Custom Solutions delivered as promised. I received my full custom CQB Elite in 6 1/2 weeks time. Unbelievable time for a Custom build with adjustable sights, ambi safety and a crisp 3 lb trigger. 5 STAR SERVICE.

Don't wait 2 years for your Wilson 1911. Contact Adam @ 1911 Custom Solutions.

Great company to buy from. Gun shipped the next day. Owner (Adam) emailed me immediately after purchase to confirm info. Fast replies to all questions and definitely knows Custom 1911's inside and out. Customer service was beyond anything I've experienced from a gun store owner. Will buy from again. Eric P. 5 STAR SERVICE.