Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a Federal Firearms License.

A. Yes, we have a license for pistol sales in the USA. It is FFL type 01-dealer in fire arms other than destructive devices.

Q. Where do you sell your pistols?

A. Throughout the United States of America. Purchases are made either in person at our Showroom in Houston, Texas, or throughout the USA through our website over the internet. Delivery outside of Houston is to a Federal Firearms License holder in the customer’s local community. We do not sell pistols outside of the USA.

Q. Do you buy or trade used pistols.

A. We only sell new 1911 model .45 ACP pistols made by certain manufacturers. If you purchase a pistol from us, we can assist you subsequently in selling a pistol on your behalf under certain circumstances. Typically, we will accept a brand new pistol from you that is made by one of our manufacturers (Wilson Combat, Les Baer Custom, Ed Brown Products), or if not brand new the gun must be in very good to excellent used condition. We will seek to sell it on your behalf and will remit 75% of the sales proceeds to you after all costs (including repair by the factory if necessary, cleaning, photography, shipment and insurance, marketing and all other fees including sales commission if sold via a trading service). Time for sale completion is usually 4-12 weeks, longer if the gun is returned to the factory for repair or refurbishment. If the gun is unsold or the purchase price offer is lower than your willingness to sell, the gun will be returned to you upon receipt of full payment of our out of pocket costs. During this process we will make reasonable efforts to assist you in accomplishing the sale of your pistol.

Q. What is your pistol return/exchange policy.

A. . We do not provide cash refunds. If you purchase a pistol in person at our Showroom, you may return it within three days (the gun must be in brand new condition, unfired, unscratched, undamaged and accompanied with all the original magazines and parts, locks, written and graphic materials, packing material and carrying case) and we will provide you with a store credit for the amount of the original invoice payment. If the pistol and accompanying items do not entirely meet our requirements in the preceding sentence, we will reduce the store credit provided to the customer in an amount determined in our sole discretion. If the pistol has been purchased from us via our website on the internet, the same policy applies as if the gun was purchased from us in person at our Showroom, except that we will also deduct $50 (our shipping and handling charge) from the store credit provided to the customer. Further, the customer must pay the FFL dealer in his local community the FFL fee as well as the return shipping (FedEx two day) and insurance cost to return the pistol to us. In addition, for both returns of purchases made at our Showroom and for returns of purchases made on our website over the internet, the free gift certificate that accompanied your original purchase will be invalidated. When you apply your store credit to your future purchase, the free gift certificate (or promotion in effect at that time) will be provided you. When you apply your store credit to the purchase of another pistol, if there is any unused balance still remaining it will be returned promptly to you by company check.

Q. How may a client pay for their purchase; additional charges; holding period for personal check.

A. You may pay for your purchase with a bank cashier’s check or bank money order, by personal check (10 day merchandise hold after deposit is required), and by major credit card. Showroom purchases in cash will be completed at a nearby bank as we do not keep cash balances on hand. Purchases made by major credit card will include an additional 4% of the invoice total (Merchant Services Fees from Bank). Purchases in Texas will include 8.25% sales tax. A customer outside of Texas is responsible for sales tax payment to their state/city of residence. Additionally, you may use Zelle to pay for your purchase without incurring any merchant fees.

Q. Limited 1911 Business Solutions, LLC warranty; pistol repair or refurbishment provided by the manufacturer.

A. Our warranty of the product is limited: we guarantee it as original from the manufacturer and it is brand new. If pistol repair or refurbishment is necessary, please contact the manufacturer directly for assistance, and they will advise you of their warranty coverage (varies by manufacturer), timing, delivery instructions and so forth as may be applicable. The manufacturers typically will be pleased to assist you directly, or you may request our assistance in contacting the manufacturer on your behalf.

Q. Do you have a Demo pistols that I can try before I purchase?

A. Yes - of course! We have several makes and models that we would be happy to let you test on a range before purchase. Our Range/Demo guns are all brand new. We have a Wilson Combat XTAC Elite 5" .45acp, a Wilson Combat Ultralight Carry 4" .45acp and a Les Baer Thunder Ranch 5" .45acp. Additionally, we have a brand new Wilson Combat Special Purpose Rifle (AR-15 SPR) 18" chambered in 5.56 x 45 mm that you may Demo. Only thing you pay for is the range fee and the ammunition you shoot. No other range or shop allows potential clients to shoot brand new full custom weapons like us! Call for an appointment today.

Q. Do you offer price matching on pistols from other companies?

A. Yes - we will match the price of any competitor as long as the pistol is identical in specifications to the model we have in stock it is important to note that the majority of our pistols have many upgrades on them. Please make sure to review the technical specifications so that you can compare pistols to make sure that the pricing is for the same model and specifications.